How To Start Successful Youtube Channel

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YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web, right behind Google. And by now, you probably know that Google owns YouTube. So, as social media managers and SEO professionals, YouTube is a platform that we cannot afford to ignore. An optimized channel is the foundation of successful content. Some of these optimizations are obvious. Others tend to be ignored. What follows are seven requirements for a successful YouTube channel.

1. Channel banner

Once people land on your YouTube channel, the first thing they see is your channel banner. A channel banner is a creative that sits at the top of your channel. The desired specifications for a YouTube channel banner are 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, but keep in mind that the “safe area” is 1,546 x 423 pixels, so all content must be kept within that center section. Create your ideal YouTube channel banner Ideally, your channel banner will tell people what kinds of videos to expect and when they can expect them. Or, if YouTube is not your primary social platform, you may want to put your other social media identifiers on your channel banner. However, you don’t want so much information on the channel banner that people won’t read it all, so keep it simple.

2. Introduction video

Creating an intro video, or even setting one up, might seem strange, but it’s a great way to make a good first impression. Upon entering a channel, a set intro video will automatically start playing under the channel banner, and it is the largest video on the screen. Better yet, the first part of the video description you set up will also show up on your channel home page. This is a great place to tell people a little more about yourself and your channel.

This intro video from our YouTube channel does just that.

3. Optimized playlists

Now the other things that show up on your home page are playlists.

Playlists are defined as groups of videos that are selected and named by the channel owner. They are a great way to group your content and answer all questions about a specific topic or keyword. Think of playlists and their titles/descriptions as foundational content. You want to put the title of your playlist with the broad keyword that you would like to rank for, then add a description that includes long-tail or secondary keywords. All videos that you add to this playlist should be related to the broader topic for which you want to rank your videos.

Optimized YouTube playlist example we are creating the content in the Telugu language also for the local people 

  How To Start Successful Youtube Channel

4. Defined channel keywords

YouTube is like Google. It relies on user-generated signals to determine who to show videos to and when to show them videos. One of the ways you can help YouTube understand your content and who it should serve is by defining your channel keywords. This is a step that is skipped quite often because it is not the easiest setting to find. How to set YouTube channel keywords Go to YouTube Studio. Select Settings. In the menu, switch to Channel. Set your keywords. You don’t need to add a million keywords here, instead focus on 5-10 important keywords that describe your channel. Backlinko conducted a study that found you don’t want to use more than 50 characters in this section.

5. Custom URL

The magic number is 100. With 100 subscribers, you can get the coveted custom URL. The custom URL is useful for one important reason – it makes it much easier to link to your YouTube channel. Instead of giving people a random string of letters and numbers, people just type Your custom URL settings will only be available once you reach 100 subscribers, have a 30 day channel, and have established a channel profile and banner photo. Once you’ve done all of these things, you can configure your URL by going to YouTube Studio, selecting Personalization> Basic Info, and filling in the URL you’d like to use.

6. Channel description

Your channel description is one of the other signals YouTube relies on to determine what your content is about and who it should be served to. However, it is also used to tell your audience what they can expect from your channel in both content and results. This space should be used to list the topics you will cover, using keywords that your audience can use to search for your content. When writing your channel description, it is very important to consider the first 100-150 characters of your description. Often times, you will have to rely on these characters to grab the audience’s attention in search results.

Start building a successful YouTube channel

Your YouTube channel may not get you millions of views, but it could be the social platform that drives organic leads to your business. The listed optimizations shouldn’t take more than a day to complete. So what are you waiting for?

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